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need some ideas and critiques of my site

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  • need some ideas and critiques of my site

    Hey all...

    Ive been tweaking and tweaking... now I need some community feedback of my site.

    any ideas or suggestions on improving it?

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    I have always been disappointed in /layout4 template on the nav bar. It is a flawed template that they really need to fix. I think they made a mistake in that template where there is NO margins or padding and the text runs right to the edge. Add something to the cart and you will see. This looks unrefined in my opinion. I like that layout, but they messed it up on that one area.
    Otherwise, looks pretty good. Like the icons for buster shipping and gift wrap! :) Like your background. Is that tiled?
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      Overall great site, the only thing I'd recommend is way less text on the home page, try and summarize more of it into key point:

      *What the Site is About

      *Why Customers should choose your site over another online magic store for purchases (including price hunters)

      *Why they should stay and keep reading

      You touch on most of that in your current paragraphs, but I know I skim most text, especially shopping, emphasize the the $100 Gift Certificate and promote subscribing to a newsletter.

      Emphasize the quality of your products, and your belief in the customer's magical experience, and how it differs (briefly) from the competition

      And finally the emphasis on the free gifts, free shipping, and constant new products (to keep the customer on the site and returning often)

      Summarize your home page to those 3 key points, and showcase more products, and you'll have a 'magically' converting site!

      My 2 cents!